Credit Report

Our Credit reports serve as a crucial tool for financial providers while assessing their credit clients e.g. agents /distributors, vetting staff (Know Your Employee solutions), and assessing Post-Paid account holders.

The Credit Report will provide essential insights into creditworthiness, aiding in risk assessment, fraud prevention, and compliance. By leveraging credit reports, financial institutions can make informed decisions, implement effective credit control measures, and uphold financial integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Credit Reference Services (CRS) refer to services provided by a Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) to enable lenders know how borrowers repay their loans. Credit information submitted by Commercial Banks, Credit Institutions and Microfinance Deposit taking Institutions is shared amongst themselves to enable them make informed credit decisions.

A CRB is a company licensed by Bank of Uganda to collect and collate credit information on individuals and companies from various sources and disseminate that information in form of a credit report to authorized users.

A credit report is a record of an individual or company’s borrowing and repayment history prepared by a credit bureau. The report shows how the borrower has handled credit in the past and based on this information, lenders determine the applicant’s credit worthiness.