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Credit Reference Bureaus Association
Uganda Ltd – CEO


The Chief Executive Officer will have the overall responsibility of leading the development and implementation of the Credit Reference Bureau Association’s Strategic Plan as well as managing business risks and complex relationships with all stakeholders including Directors, Board members, Members, Regulators and Employees to run the Secretariat. 

S/he is expected to manage all strategic aspects of the CRB Association to deliver the vision and mission to all stakeholders and the economy. 

Grow the CRB Association Membership 



  1. Promote sound corporate governance and ethical standards at all levels of the Association’s Secretariat.
  2. Develop an effective management team and future leadership at the various levels of the Association Secretariat.
  3. Promote strategic visioning with the executive management of the Association Secretariat.
  4. Promote good corporate governance as supported by the Corporation Secretary.


  1. Provide business leadership in developing and implementing the Association’s Strategic Plan to achieve sustainable growth.
  2. Lead team in developing and implementing Annual Work Plans drawn from the Strategic Plan.
  3. Establish Business Continuity Plan to cater for guidance on dealing with business uncertainties.
  4. Update the Board on management’s performance against work plans to inform their decisions.


  1. Provide strategic direction on development and delivery of specific objectives/goals, business opportunities and initiatives.
  2. Provide oversight on management and smooth operations of the Association.
  3. Provide comprehensive analytical reports in relation to the Association’s environment to; Board, Members, regulators and general public where applicable.


  1. Direct the Association’s management of financial and operational systems, risk management framework -procedures and controls.
  2. Work with the board and staff to strengthen accountability standards and systems.
  3. Provide prompt and accurate information to keep Board’s informed of the financial position.
  4. Uphold regulatory and internal policy compliance across the Association.
  5. Secretariat and Association Budget framework development